PrincessKiara's Lair

The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.


Hello, worthy traveler! My name is Kiara, and I am the Princess of Sevarania. You have stumbled upon what could be called my own special place within my realm. Sit down and refresh yourself; in my lair there are springs of crystalline vitae-infused water and magical fruits. You may take as much as you wish. Once you have rested, you may look around you if you please.

I keep all my exotic pets here. This is also a refuge for the fairy folk and their families, so you'll find a wide variety of creatures in my lair. Most of them are friendly, but beware--a few of the dragons cannot be trusted! For those of you who are interested or have a lot of time to kill, here you'll find my cave of dragons, my stables, wishlists (hint: these will come in handy for those foreign princes and princesses who wish to trade with Sevarania), and more! If you want to read a story or see some artwork, why not join me and my friends at the Campfire for a little bit of fun and games in the company of fairies, unicorns, alicorns and maybe a dragon or two?

Have fun! You can send me a note by one of my trusty messengers if you want to ask about something or just chat!